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Who is eligible?


If you have a Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Health Card - All Conditions (Gold) or Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (Gold), DVA will pay for physiotherapy services, available through DVA arrangements, to meet your clinical needs. 

If you have a DVA Health Card - Specific Conditions (White), DVA will pay for physiotherapy services, provided under DVA arrangements, if they are required because of an accepted war or service caused injury or disease. 


If you are an allied veteran, you are eligible for treatment of war caused disabilities accepted by your country of enlistment. 

How do I access this service?

You must be referred to a physiotherapist who is able to provide services under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS). A referral can be issued by a:

  • General Practitioner (GP)

  • medical specialist

  • treating doctor in hospital

  • hospital discharge planner, or

  • physiotherapist with a current referral.


Referrals remain active for 12 months from the date of referral, and cannot overlap from one 12 month period to the next.

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