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Back Pain


When you are experiencing lower back pain, you may not be thinking about the cause right away. You're probably just focusing on relieving the pain. However, by identifying the source of your pain, you may be able to get a better idea of why you are hurting and how to best treat it. Although there are many things that can influence it, below are common causes of lower back pain.

  • Sciatica Sciatica can cause you to experience pain usually  just on one side. Pain can radiate down the back ,front or side of your leg. Sensations can include  numbness,tingling,pain ,weakness as well as loss of sensation.

  • Lumbar strain trauma - Weight lifting, football, basketball, baseball, and golf can lead to a lumbar injury. Pre-existing conditions like excessive lower back curvature, forward-tilted pelvis, weak back and/or abdominal muscles, and tight hamstrings can increase the possibility of this injury. 

  • Disc related pain- Have you put enough strain on your back to cause one of your lumbar discs to be injured? A traumatic injury due to an accident or a fall, extreme or contact sports, incorrect lifting, repetitive lifting motions  can cause  tears to the outer wall of the disc or disc herniation .

  • Overuse and under use of back muscles - If you not regularly using your back to lift common household items like cases of water or large sacks of dog food, when you then have a strenuous day helping a neighbour move or rearranging furniture you can cause lower back pain.

  • Poor posture -  Continual slouching, leaning in one direction or the other too much or sitting slid down in your chair ,excessive mobile phone /tablet use all can put strain on your back. 

  • Sleeping positions- We all have occasional mornings of waking with back pain from sleeping in one position too long or just sleeping too long period. Repetition of these can cause ongoing lower back pain.

  • Facet joint strain- usually characterised by pain on just one side of the spine and  pain being reproduced with specific movements.Facet joints can become painful due to degenerative arthritis or acute injury.

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